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Play. Learn. Grow. 


In our infant's class babies learn how to explore and see the World through their senses. At our school infants are able to learn from age-appropriate materials at a safe environment


Toddlers have their own curriculum and we have prepared an environment where toddlers can be stimulated and put their full potential in practice. 


Preschoolers in Ephphatha Childcare experience different activities in which their skills will be challenged and each day they will enjoy learning



Our Pre-k program is designed to prepared children and families for kindergarten. Different resources will be offer through the year and it is our goal to get every child ready for their first day of school. 

Our Approach

During our days at Ephphatha Daycare we work on building a firm foundation in the lives of the children and families and we believe that such foundation can only be a life where the center is God. Our curriculum is a combination of the Bible and Reggio Emilia inspired, we follow children's interest but the center of all lessons will be Jesus. 


Ephphatha's Photo Gallery

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