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Diverse Learning Environments



Infants in our school count with a vast number of materials for them to learn and develop properly. They are able to explore their environment safely and with supervision at all times. 

As well as the rest of the classroom they have their own schedule and daily activities in which they will learn and enjoy. 



Toddlers in our school have the opportunity to explore, have fun, and feel proud of who they are. We offer them a curriculum in which they can reach their highest potential. We will expose them to learning opportunities in which their skills will be challenged. 

Children will always feel safe and part of the class, our goal is for them to understand that God made them, and He lives in their hearts. 



Preschoolers in our school will have the opportunity to learn about the World they live in and to understand that they are unique, and they can make that World a better place.

Children will have a curriculum that is Bible based but we will also take into account each child's interest, culture and development. 

Our goal is for them understand that God lives in their hearts, and He wants to be their forever friend. 


Pre-K is a program where children and family receive support and resources to prepare for kindergarten. Children will have a more specific curriculum and we will make sure that each child graduates feeling ready for their first day of school.

During this program our goal is for children to understand that they can have a relationship with God just as they have it with their friend, that He is there to listen and to love them.

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